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Springfield Tactical Shooters

USPSA Club IL10 - Area 5


Serving Sangamon County and the surrounding Counties within Central Illinois
217-899-8938 |

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Headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, the Springfield Tactical Shooters (STS) Club is affiliated with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA.) USPSA is the American region of International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC.) IPSC is comprised of competitive shooting clubs and organizations in approximately 67 nations.


Practical shooting is a family-oriented shooting sport that emphasizes speed, accuracy, and power. Handguns are the primary type of firearm used in our IPSC club matches, but "3-gun competitions" can add rifle and shotgun shooting elements. Our handgun shooters can choose to use either semi-automatic pistols or revolvers for each handgun shooting "stage."

When and Where

Our weekly Thursday competitions are held at Springfield Tactical Shooters Indoor Range in Curran, IL.


The STS Indoor Range is located at 4045 Van Deren Street, Curran, IL, and our phone # is 217-899-8938.


Beginners from throughout Central Illinois are welcome at our matches!

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About Us!

Welcome to the Springfield Tactical Shooters (STS) website, representing our shooting club and its members. Here, you will find comprehensive information about the USPSA and IPSC practical shooting disciplines. Don't be intimidated by the abundance of information provided; we merely strive to educate and grow the community, as well as to promote responsible and safe firearm usage.

We are a family-friendly club that welcomes anyone with interest, regardless of skill or experience. However, it is mandatory that all members adhere to our safety protocols, with safety being our primary concern.

Our membership base extends from Sangamon County to the surrounding Central Illinois counties, including Menard, Logan, Macon, Christian, Montgomery, Macoupin, Morgan, and Cass. Everyone is welcome, and we are excited to see you at our shooting range.

Thank you for visiting our website. To learn more about our club and its bylaws, you can download our STS Club Bylaws in PDF format. You can also download the IPSC/USPSA Handgun Competition Rules to learn more about the regulations we follow.

Stay safe and shoot straight!

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